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Call During Dinner
By Gary Molatore

I believe most people desire to have control over the care they receive in the later years of their lives. Choices.  Unfortunately, choices most often require money. The more money you allocate to your care, the more choices you will have regarding the location of your care, quality of care, type of care and cost of care. There's nothing like a home cooked meal … there's nothing like being at home. Unless you can't take care of yourself or don't want to do all the chores of cooking, cleaning, shopping … bathing, eating. Daily chores, become a chore. Believe it or not, some people just get tired of eating, and many don't drink enough water. These can be the first signs that more attention to our loved ones may be necessary. What happens to us as we age and how will it affect the ones that love us?

50 … not feeling old yet
60 … who is that in the mirror?
70 … (not there yet but) things don't work like they used to
80 … finally beginning to feel old
90 … how long is this going to last?

The variety of care levels range all the way from staying at home and being totally independent, to lying in a nursing home totally dependent. In-between those choices are living with your children, a senior retirement facility or residential care in a private home.

The more choices you have, the more enjoyable your care will be. The more money you choose to put toward your care, the more choices you'll be able to make about the quality of your care. By planning ahead and saving some money for your future care, or buying a long-term care policy, you can increase your choices if you ultimately need some level of care. If you wait too long to start saving money for your care, you're only other choices are to risk running out of money and losing control of your choices, or buying a long term care policy. If you wait too long to buy a long term care policy, you may not qualify to buy one if you develop certain health conditions.

Sometimes, parents don't want to spend their children's inheritance in the last few years of life. If you plan ahead, this risk can be neatly erased if you buy a life insurance policy to replace your estate if it gets depleted by long-term care costs.

Our future is unknown. Good questions to ask yourself are, "What will my future bring and how much will it cost me to get there? How long will your future be? One way to look at it, is this … If you go fishing once a year, and you think you'll live for 20 more years, you don't have 20 more years of fishing, you have 20 more fishing trips! If you can still fish!

Getting old costs money. To find out how much your future might cost and to make it as enjoyable as possible, call an insurance agent. Now there's a switch … you calling an insurance agent … if only you had his or her home phone number, so you could call during dinner!
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