Which Recreation Camping Style Do You Prefer?    
by Darren Lintern

At one point, the only recreation camping opportunity being offered was tents or the open air. A century ago, you would have been privileged to own a canvas tent. Camping, as a vocational pastime, truly took off approximately fifty years ago. At that time hundreds of trucks were equipped with a camper shell; however, the sleeping space was still rather cramped.

Nowadays, there are a variety of choices available to build a home away from home.

Tents still remain extremely well-liked, and they continue to advance in design development. Internal framed tents are simple to pull together - you don't need to do much more than simply snap them open. They are constructed from a durable nylon material and typically in the style of a dome, making them particularly strong. Alternatively, you have the external framed tents which still continue to be popular and have the benefit of being bigger, rectangular in shape (for optimum space) and extremely robust against wind.

A number of sport utility vehicles (SUV) are now so large that accommodating two people in the back with the rows of seats laid down is a clear option. They offer first rate protection against the neighboring wild animals and with the benefit of a pump-up mattress, equally as comfy as a traditional tent.

Recreational vehicles (RV's) have been established for twenty years now, emerging from the 'truck and camper shell' design. RV’s are now equipped with electricity, propane, running water, air conditioning, movable awnings, and more space than you could imagine. Some have sufficient space to allow use as a semi-permanent home.

The outlay can be as much, as well, with the leading models selling in excess of $200,000. But they are installed with every extravagance you could desire and have enough power to quite easily tow a vehicle behind.

Of course, in various areas - and at various times throughout the year - it remains possible to actually replicate the outdoor adventures of a century ago. You could lay out your sleeping bag or blanket on the bare floor and gaze up at the stars and picture what it could've been like.

Luckily, the sleeping gear that you are liable to utilize for any recreation camping has significantly improved from that age. Present day materials will offer both the interior and exterior with top-grade comfort and endurance. Durable nylon shells, down fill and Primaloft insulation make sleeping gear cozy, waterproof, and warm.

If you truly aim to get a feel of what times were like a century ago, you could just opt for a simple blanket. However, you'll soon find out that this adventure that seems so amazing in the films has a great deal more realism than many campers would want.

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