Too Hot to Sleep? 5 Top Tips to
     Staying Cool At Night     
by Sleepy Bedtimes

Summer's here and so are those long hot nights when it's almost impossible to sleep . However, here's a handful of 5 top tips, that'll see you through the night and help you keep your cool!

1. Ditch the duvet and place a bed sheet in a plastic bag. Stick the bag in the freezer for a couple of hours and relax. When it comes to bedtime head up the wooden hill with your nicely chilled sheets and look forward to a comfy night's sleep.

2. When you get up in the morning don't draw back the curtains. Open the windows to get a nice draft (if possible) but leave the curtains where they are. By keeping the sun out of your bedroom in the daytime, it won't retain the heat at night.

3. Create your own 'Chilled Air' fan. Cut the top off a 5litre/gallon water container, fill it roughly three quarters full and then freeze the contents. Finally place it behind an electric fan (keep it away from the electrics) and you'll feel the 'chilled air' effect straight away.

4. If you've got a synthetic pillow, swap it for a feather pillow with a cotton pillowcase. Man-made synthetic pillows retain their heat compared to natural down and cotton ones.

5. Think of snow! It sounds crazy, but the human mind has the ability to lower the body's temperature with just the power of suggestion. So when nothing else works imagine yourself lying in a pristine field of snow making 'Snow Angels'.

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