Cruise Vacations Provide Outstanding Value

(NAPSI)-When it comes to getting value from your vacation dollar, there's more to consider than just good prices. For example, can you put a cost on relaxation, comfort, service and convenience? How much is it worth to explore exotic locales without having to worry about the details? As it turns out, the best vacation value on earth is at sea.

All Aboard. More than 12.6 million people worldwide took cruise vacations in 2007, according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). CLIA believes that one key reason for this increase is that, when compared to other types of vacations, cruising holds the highest percentage of participants who express extreme satisfaction.

Those who choose to cruise quickly discover that when it comes to seagoing vacations, the value proposition reaches new heights. Typically, a cruise package will include accommodations, meals, shipboard facilities and activities, entertainment and, of course, travel from port to port. Compare the price of a seven-day cruise to a week's stay at a comparable resort, where the guest must also pay extra for all meals, entertainment and leisure activities-with no additional travel-and the value of cruising is readily apparent.

But this is only the beginning. Consider a European cruise that visits three or more destinations. The cruise guest arrives on board, settles into a comfortable stateroom, packs and unpacks only once, has a remarkable choice of restaurants and entertainment to enjoy, and relaxes completely as the ship travels from port to port, city to city.

The cruiser benefits from not having the daunting task of navigating through multiple foreign countries and languages on their own. And given current exchange rates, paying for a European cruise in dollars also has a positive impact on travelers' wallets.

Cruising makes it easy to explore the world. In addition to inclusive, value-added pricing and the comfort of having a "home away from home" for the duration of the trip, there's the relaxation that comes from knowing that every travel arrangement has been made.

There are many other reasons to choose a cruise vacation-big ships and small, short and long itineraries, voyages to every part of the world and a price for every budget, to name a few. This also explains why the cruise industry enjoys higher customer satisfaction ratings than any other type of vacation.

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