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Today's Senior Magazine
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The rates quoted below are prepay rates for the period of time specified.  Your ad will appear in our digital online version of our print magazine, and is linked to and advertised on our web site (which is ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing, and gets 15,000 + hits each month).  The online version of our magazine is also advertised in our print magazine that has 108,000 readers each month.  

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1/8th Page 
3.75" x 2.5".
1/4th Page
3.75" x 5.0"
Today's Senior Magazine online digital version is published monthly by the middle of each month for the upcoming month's edition.  Ad deadline for both space and ad copy is the 5th of the month, or earlier to ensure premium placement.  Ad placement is based on ad size, period of commitment to advertise, and time of placement. Send ad materials to  If you are providing your own ad, please send to us in pdf or jpeg format.

1/2 Page
7.5 " x 5.0"
Full Page
7.5" x 10.0"
*Online Ad Rates
Ad in our online magazine is included when advertiser runs an ad in our print magazine
1/4th PAGE*
Pre-Pay Rate                                             $144                  $264                     $504           
  Pre-Pay Rate                                            $81                    $156                    $300           


Mailing Address:

E-Mail Address:

Web Site:

Product Or 
Service Offered:

Number Of Times 
To Run Ad:

Ad Size:

What do you 
want to say in 
your ad:

How do you wish 
to pay for your ad?

I agree to the terms and 
conditions specified below:

    Advertiser agrees that all artwork, copy and photos created by Today’s Senior Magazine are the property of Today’s Senior Magazine and any copyrights existing therein are hereby transferred to Today’s Senior Magazine.  In the event above advertiser wishes to change ad resulting in a new ad layout design and/or photos, advertiser agrees to pay additional production charges, if required, and agrees to notify Today’s Senior Magazine of the requested ad changes by the 5th day of the month prior to publication month.
    Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Today’s Senior Magazine from any loss or liability arising out of or in connection with the publication of the advertised material.  Today’s Senior Magazine will not be responsible for errors in advertising beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error.
   At the expiration of this contract, pursuant to the term as above set out, this contract shall continue on a month-by-month basis (at the current monthly rate) until such time as either party shall give the other party a 30 day advance written notice (prior to publication date) of its intent to not continue under the terms herein.  Start up advertisement will require payment prior to publication.
   Advertiser will be billed monthly for each issue covered by this contract and monthly invoices are dueupon receipt.  Ads may not be placed in the magazine if payment is not received prior to production day. Advertiser agrees to pay a service charge of $25.00 per month on any unpaid balance over 30 days,plus all legal and/or collection agency fees incurred in the collection of any unpaid balance.
Terms & Conditions
After you have ordered your ad please 
complete the following form:
A copy of our 
magazine, containing your ad, will be sent to you each month.
No adult material permitted.  Ad material subject to our approval.
Pre-Pay & Place Ad Now
Pre-Pay & Place Ad Now
Pre-Pay & Place Ad Now
Pre-Pay & Place Ad Now
* Does not include graphic design of ad.  Additional cost to design an ad is 
$35 per hour.  Ad design is included in ads 1/2 page and larger.

Pre-Pay Rate                                           $471                     $894                   $1752          

  Pre-Pay Rate                                          $273                    $516                   $1008         
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Half of adults ages 65 and
order are online - 53% of american adults 65 & older use the internet or email. Once online, most seniors make internet use a regular part of their lives.  For most online seniors, internet use is a daily fixture in their lives.  Overall, 82% of all adult internet users go online on an average day.
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