What About Those Hearing Aid Advertisements?    

You can’t avoid them these days: hearing aid advertisements offering unbelievable “discount” prices. When it comes to purchasing hearing aids, it can be confusing. Which ones to get, where to get them, and how much should you pay?

What is good hearing Healthcare?

Effective hearing healthcare involves more than just purchasing hearing aids. The following services should be included to make sure you’re hearing as well as possible.

A complete diagnostic evaluation to rule out medical causes for the hearing loss. Only a licensed audiologist or physician can perform comprehensive diagnostic testing. Avoid the “free hearing test” that hearing aid salesmen advertise. It is only a basic screening test to see if you are a candidate for hearing aids. The free test is usually offered to get you in the door for the opportunity to sell you hearing aids.

A comprehensive explanation of the different types of hearing aids and sufficient time to choose one that is appropriate for you in style, technological features and price. A trained audiologist can best help you make this important decision.

Follow-up visits are crucial to make sure you’re hearing as well as possible. You are also entitled to dependable repair services and at least one year’s protection against repair or damage.

An explanation of the various assistive listening devices that are available to help you maximize your hearing in special situations.

Remember, you’re not just choosing hearing aids. You are choosing a hearing healthcare provider. Before making an appointment for a hearing examination, be sure to check the individual’s credentials. You can verify a license at the California Speech-Language Pathology Audiology Board at www.slpab.ca.gov or call the Board at (916) 263-2666.
Courtesy of Paradise Hearing & Balance Center
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