Ten Ways To Help Someone Stop Smoking
(FeatureSource) – "This year, I'm really going to quit," might be a annual New Year's resolution, but Bill Dodds, author "1440 Reasons to Quit Smoking" (Meadowbrook Press) says this is a golden opportunity to help a loved one quit smoking. But helping a loved one kick the tobacco habit demands tact not just facts. "Often the smoker knows some of the facts," Dodds says. "He realizes he's putting his health atrisk. She's aware it's expensive. Like the sad joke attributed to Mark Twain, they've found quitting easy. They've done it a hundred times." Dodds points out that all the reasons to quit are really the reasons to "stay quit." And it's helping a loved one remain an ex-smoker that's the real challenge. "You're an 'ex-smoker' until you light up that next cigarette," Dodds says. "That's really who the book is written for - the person who wants to remain an 'ex-smoker.' If you're someone who cares about that person, how do you help him or her manage that, especially in those early hours and days?"
Dodds has the following suggestions: 1. Ask how you can help. 2. Don't nag! Don't become a member of the "Cigarette Police," sniffing around to see if your loved one has slipped up. 3. If you also smoke, take part in the Great American Smokeout November 15. If you're going to continue to smoke, do it somewhere else.4. Keep substitutes handy: gum, carrots, celery, raisins, sunflower seeds. 5. Realize that cessation classes, therapy, or nicotine patches or gum may take a bite out of the family budget. It's more than worth it! 6. Understand that, for a while, your loved one may find it too tempting to be around friends and family who smoke or to visit the usual "smoking" places - The café, the bowling alley, the tavern, or even the patio or deck. 7. Don't raise an eyebrow if he or she starts eating a lot. A few extra pounds aren't a concern right now. 8. Keep in mind that "staying quit" may have to be your loved one's first priority for a time and so others items are going to be put on a back burner. 9. Contact the American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org) for more suggestions. 10. Remember there really are at least 1,440 reasons to quit smoking - one for every minute of the day. And each is a great reason to "stay quit"!

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