Lincoln City Beach Vacations 
by Caitlin Moore

Coastal Oregon isn't the flashiest place to visit, but its simple beauty, straightforward personality and year-round activities make it as attractive as any other. In other words, just because towns like Lincoln City don't flaunt it, doesn't mean they've got nothing to brag about.

Lincoln City is on the north central coast of Oregon where life is laid-back, lovely, and filled with leisure activities. A visit here has the power to refuel, recharge, and replenish even the most stubborn and tired workaholics; it's something about the soothing ocean and the mild weather, apparently. You may have heard of the Millennium Float project, a sort of public art/community participation/fun memory-making beach event that helped to solidify Lincoln City's reputation as an artsy and vibrant place to hang out. If it's all new to you, take a few moments to acquaint yourself with this little slice of West Coast paradise.

First of all, the beach experience, though not exactly tropical and pina colada-ish, is worth exploring. The occasional storm (which would be worth taking in from a cozy spot) helps to upturn the sea and deliver a bevy of treasures for beachcombers to uncover along the shoreline. Shells, marine creatures, driftwood, and if the stars are aligned, a glass float created by a local artist and set free into the sea for the purpose of pleasing a person just like yourself. These eye-catching items make Lincoln City a special place to wander the sandy stretches of coastline, as you'll hopefully see for yourself.

The water is pretty chilly for most of the year, but that doesn't stop a dedicated few from grabbing a wet suit, a board, and a few waves. Surfing is popular, as are windsurfing and kitesurfing on both the ocean and Devil's Lake. If you've arrived with a need to feel the adrenaline pump through your veins, you'll certainly have the opportunity.

Whale watching will allow you a few thrills without actually immersing yourself in the ocean. From the shore or from the vantage point of a chartered boat, watching the sometimes playful whales breach, flip their tails, and stick their heads out for a peek might very well constitute the highlight of your Oregon adventure. Spring and fall are prime whale migration periods, so plan accordingly.

Elsewhere you'll find more chances to stay active and become enthralled with the unique surroundings. The lake, the forests and marshes, and the proximity to the Cascades makes for an environment brimming with wildlife. Coyotes, chipmunks, black-tailed deer, and many other furry species as well as an array of birds make every stroll a potential brush with Mother Nature. Not to be missed are the harbor seals, who laze away their days in full view along the region known as Salishan Spit. Bring your binoculars to watch them fish, play, and sunbathe, and just think about how far away you are from your usual routine.

Fishing, golf, hiking, biking, skateboarding...the list of possibilities will seem endless. Hopefully you'll have taken enough time away from work to properly appreciate all the activities and events that Lincoln City has to offer, because leaving a place wishing you had done this or that can be a drag. The best way to ensure that you're in a position to see and do all that you want is to rent a vacation home for several days that will house you in comfort and place you in close proximity to all the hotspots.

Lincoln City Vacation Rentals are plentiful and have a way of showing off all of the region's best assets. Maybe it's just the attitude of being in a private, unique, well-equipped property near the ocean that makes everything seem a little rosier, but history shows that vacationers who choose a beach house tend to enjoy themselves a bit more than the hotel-dwellers.

Whether you're looking to discover a new community or escape all evidence of society, Lincoln City will provide you with the means to do it. Just a few minutes here will already have you feeling calmer and happier, so don't waste another moment just sitting there wishing something would happen. Start researching today and get ready for a great trip.

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