Things to See and Do While On Vacation in Maui
   by Crystal McKenzie

Individuals who are planning a vacation to Hawaii may be up in the air with regard to what part of Hawaii they should visit. Although, various parts of Hawaii have beneficial aspects to them, Maui is an island that is extremely popular amongst tourists and there is a main reason why this is so. Many individuals go to Maui on vacation because there is so much to see and do at that particular destination. The following paragraphs will highlight some of the many activities and attractions which make Maui a prime vacation spot amongst tourists.

Wailea Beach - Wailea Beach is a spot in particular that individuals must visit while vacationing in Maui. Hailed by some as the best beach in the world, Wailea Beach is beauty at its best. Black lava formations and luxurious sand intermingle and greet the shimmering waters where individuals can swim, snorkel and even surf in the area. Simply spending the day sunbathing on Wailea Beach is worth the trip, no matter where one may be located on the island of Maui. There is a reason why some of the most elegant hotels are located on Wailea Beach and this beach is a must see for tourists to the island.

Town of Lahaina - The main town of Lahaina on Maui is one which all types of tourists will appreciate. With its fabulous array of restaurants, shops and nightspots, Lahaina is sure to please. There are a number of things to do just in the town of Lahaina that is sure to appeal to vacationers who come to Maui.

Activity Cruises - The best way in which to get involved in water-related activities on the island is to join an activity cruise. While on the island of Maui, vacationers will be able to take whale watching cruises, fishing cruises and even scenic sightseeing cruises. Not only will individuals on the vast variety of cruises be able to gain valuable information about the island from the cruise staff but it also may be a great opportunity to meet other tourists as well while on the cruise.

Sugar Cane Train in Kaanapali - If one who visits Maui wishes to take a trip back into time, venturing over to the town of Kaanapali to ride on the Sugar Cane Train is highly recommended. The train ride goes from Lahaina to Kaanapali and provides a scenic trip and informative overview about the local area. Once a train that transported sugar cane between the towns, the Sugar Cane Train is now a highly recommended tourist attraction for those who wish to view the area as it once was long ago.

Snorkeling - If visitors to Maui are looking for an adventuresome water-related activity, snorkeling may just be the perfect one to choose. Snorkeling can be done by individuals on their own; however, it is recommended that vacationers sign up with a recommended snorkeling tour group for a few different reasons. First, established snorkeling groups and guides will be able to lead individuals to the best snorkeling spots. Secondly, it is safer to snorkel with a group of other individuals. Lastly, the snorkel guide can provide information, with regard to both the snorkeling activity and regarding the surrounding area. Joining a snorkeling tour is also a great way to meet fellow tourists and perhaps make a few new friends along the way. The best way to find an efficient snorkel guide or group is to inquire with the concierge at one's hotel or check online.

Haleakala Crater Tour - Haleakala is the dormant volcano which is located on Maui. One who wishes to do so may join a Haleakala Crater tour which will take them to the top of the volcano. Not only will one experience magnificent views from the peak of Haleakala but they will also enjoy listening to some of the history relating to Haleakala and Maui in general.

Hana Highway - The Hana Highway stretches 55 miles throughout the island of Maui. By traveling along this highway, vacationers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of scenic views and get to see all that Maui has to offer its visitors. This is also a great way to discover parts of Maui and engage in various activities along the way.

Visit a Waterfall - Waterfalls are located in various spots throughout Maui. It is highly recommended for vacationers, especially those whose first trip it is to Maui, to visit some of these beautiful scenic spots and view the crystal clear falls. There are a number of these beautiful spots in the town of Hana and individuals may be amazed at the beauty that surrounds these waterfalls.

Experience a Fire Dance - Perhaps one of the most sought after activities vacationers like to get involved in while visiting Maui is the native fire dance demonstrations. The various dances that originated in Hawaii are ones which are displayed in shows throughout Maui. One in particular that individuals should attend is a fire dance display. This will not only impress but also amaze all who attend.

There is so much to see and do while spending a vacation in Maui. The question for vacationers to ask is not what to do while in Maui but how to fit everything in during a single vacation. Vacationers of all types and tastes are sure to have a fantastic and entertaining time during their visit to Maui and will leave the island with wonderful memories.

About the Author: Written by Crystal McKenzie, who is the reservations manager for My Hawaiian Holiday. offers a wide selection of Maui vacation rentals for all budgets.
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