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History of McCloud: Nestled on the southern slope of majestic Mt. Shasta, McCloud is a company built mill town with a rich past.  During the 1700's, the Wintu Indians roamed the McCloud River Valley, fishing and hunting.  The abundance of wild game brought Alexander Rodrick McLeod of the Hudson Bay Company to the area in 1827 in search of lucrative furs.   It wasn't until the 1890's that the town of McCloud began its birth.  Friday George began construction of a saw mill that was later acquired by George Scott and William Van Arsedale.  The new mill owners, realizing the need for cheap transportation, brought forth the railroad.  In 1897 their operations became known as The McCloud River Railroad and McCloud River Lumber Company, giving the town its name.  McCloud remained a company owned town until 1965.  The McCloud River Railroad still operates today and many of the original landmarks can be visited in McCloud's Historical District.

Location: The unincorporated town of McCloud is located in Siskiyou County on Highway 89(10 miles east of Interstate 5 and 60 miles south of the Oregon border).  McCloud sits on the southern slopes of the snowy volcanic peak of Mt. Shasta.  The elevation of McCloud is 3200 feet and sloping upwards.

Town Profile & Attractions: McCloud is blessed with clean air and abundant pure water.  Beautiful views of snow-covered Mt. Shasta form a backdrop for the tranquil town.  As a former company-owned lumber town, McCloud was designed to be a self-contained, full-service community.  The friendly residents enjoy all the amenities including schools, churches, bank, grocery store, restaurants, video store, and a variety of retail shops.  Recreational opportunities include a community park with baseball diamonds, a dinner excursion train, a nine-hole golf course, fishing, numerous hiking trails, snowmobiling, and downhill and cross country skiing.

Shopping in McCloud is a delightful experience.  Local   shopkeepers offer a wide range of unusual quality gift items, local crafts, quilting supplies, traveling necessities and that special something to take home as a Remembrance. You'll enjoy browsing through our wonderfully warm and friendly shops.

McCloud boasts fabulous lodging experiences in inns, bed & breakfasts, motels, vacation rentals, recreational vehicle parks and retreats.  Each is unique and offers the discerning traveler outstanding choices for accommodations with modern amenities and Old World charm.

Fair Weather Fun for all ages!

A winter wonderland awaits you!
Mt. Shasta Board & Ski Park just 7 miles from McCloud boasts outstanding skiing and snow boarding for all levels of enthusiasts.  Reasonable prices and challenging runs entice and invite you.

Many McCloud accommodations offer money saving ski packages during the season.

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