Going the Extra Step to Sell That House     
by Raynor James

When it comes time to sell, there are some standard steps that can be taken to help get a property moved. Going a few steps beyond the norm, however, can make a big difference.

Going the Extra Step to Sell That House:

When you make the decision to sell your home, you are undoubtedly going to look around for a bit of advice. Nearly every book, real estate agent or guru is going to tell you to prepare by doing some basic things. These steps typically include getting your landscaping in shape, getting rid of the clutter in your home and making basic repairs such as touch up painting and so on.

Unfortunately, most potential buyers now expect these things to be done as a matter of course. Simply put, one has to question how much taking these steps will really help you. If you are really trying to one up the comparable homes on the market in your neighborhood, there are a couple of other steps you can take to do so.

The kitchen is an important room in a home. People spend a lot of time there either cooking or just hanging out. In short, this is an area you want to focus on. Consider replacing countertops with something nice. The same goes for appliances and fixtures. If the floor has seen a lot of wear and tear, rip it up and put a new one down. Most people have a finite amount of money they want to spend on getting their home in shape. The kitchen is a great place to spend it.

On most homes, the garage door is a major part of the appearance since it faces the road. That being said, most homeowners looking to sell completely ignore it. You should not! Consider whether the door blends nicely with the rest of the home façade. If it does, how much wear and tear is it showing from being used, hit with basketballs and so on? If it needs some help, spend the time or money to do it. Repainting and even replacing it can be a good move and completely change the curb appeal of your home.

What if your home is in really bad shape? Hey, it happens. Life comes at you fast and things can wear and tear over time, particularly if you have a big family. Once you decide to sell, you really have two choices of what to do. One is to spend a lot of money fixing everything. The second is to leave it alone, price the home at the bottom of the market and sell it as a "fixer upper." Many people are looking for fixers, so you should still be able to sell it if it is priced appropriately.

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