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Senior Travel
Traveling is a luxury many seniors enjoy. The planning, preparation, adventure, and return, is all part of the delight that the phrase “travel for seniors” implies. One of the most common methods of travel is by air. Air travel today has changed dramatically in the past 60 years. What was once a privilege for the few has now become standard fare.

For many passengers, a cramped seating arrangement is a problem. Particularly for seniors traveling, they face issues with swelling of the legs and muscle and joint pain. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Seniors planning on traveling can take additional herbal supplements and do regular stretches to promote circulation and general health.

One of the other dilemmas faced by senior travelers is airline food. Back “in the day” food was served as part of the flight—whether you liked it or not. Now, meals are minimal and must be purchased. So, traveling seniors with special diet restrictions or allergies must now make additional preparation for how to plan a trip well.

Drinks are still readily available when traveling by air. However, some seniors when traveling may forget the need to drink plenty of water. Although sodas, coffee, tea, and juice are acceptable, they should never be a substitute for good ol’ fashion H2O when traveling.

Medications are often a problem for traveling seniors. You want to enjoy your trip as much as possible and don’t want the hassle of supplements and pills. Yet your health is also necessary for enjoying your travel. Seniors may need to consult a physician before taking extended flights to ensure all medical needs are handled. It may be important for you to continue taking medication on a regular schedule.

Seniors traveling by air have the assistance of flight attendants. These individuals are usually very competent, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They can assist in addressing specific concerns of traveling seniors; they can also provide helpful suggestions. After all, they’ve probably helped thousands of passengers before you!

Finally, seniors—just like any passenger—need to bring something to do on board. The movies are not always appealing to passengers. Traveling seniors may rather enjoy a good book and a pair of headphones.

So, if you—or a senior you know—is looking to do some travel by air, consider some of these travel tips. For traveling seniors, an airplane ride can still hold a thrill.