Chef says a "Stir-Fry Diet" is a healthy alternative to trendy
Weight loss plans

An estimated 129 million Americans or 64 percent of the U.S. population is overweight or obese, reports the Department of Health and Human Resources. Many say that the diet industry is to blame for America's expanding waistlines as the lucrative market for obesity fighting products and services (banking over $100 billion a year) continues to grow, offering a virtual menu of fix-its from controversial new diet drugs to celebrity diets and extreme surgeries.

After a long battle with bulimia and experimentation with every fad diet on the market, Chef Yvonne Stephens realized the underlying reason why many people spend more time and money on diet plans and fast food than in their own kitchens - lack of time and energy. Because an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating is the only way to lose weight and maintain weight loss, Stephens introduced a homegrown approach to eating for today's dieters. The only items needed for her plan, the "Stir-Fry Diet", are pre-cut ingredients, a wok (or skillet) and seven minutes.

Stephens, who has been in the catering business for over 20 years and works as a freelance food stylist for QVC, says cooking healthy doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Introducing the "Stir-Fry Diet" last month in her new book "Amazing 7 Minute Meals", she included over 100 recipes with an overall low glycemic index that are all cooked in seven minutes using a wok or non-stick skillet.

"Knowing what's in your food is the key to healthy weight loss and weight management. Make it yourself with no trans-fatty fats, no enriched flours and no chemicals," says Stephens, a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia and cooking instructor. "NO TIME is no excuse. It takes less than ten minutes to cook a healthy and delicious meal for every taste from all over the world: Italian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Hawaiian, Asian, etc."

Stir-frying helps food cook quickly, which results in slower digestion, less cravings, and a greater balance of blood sugar levels. Stephens urges dieters to incorporate all six nutrients at mealtime (carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water) and learn about the benefits of herbs, spices, hard and soft vegetables and fresh, wholesome food.

Chef Yvonne Stephens was born in the Netherlands and resides in Cherry Hill, N.J. The recipes in "Amazing 7 Minute Meals" originate from traditional global cuisine she found through her world travels. For more information and free recipes, please visit www.getrealhealthyfood.com.

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