How to Relieve Stress - Popular Stress Busters   
by Dr John Anne

Experiencing stress is our daily experience. The fact is that our existence is not complete without stress; yes that's the irony of life! But prolonged stress is not at all good for health. So, we need to know how to relieve stress and how to cope with daily stressors, so that it cannot become distress for us. We should have a clear understanding about our daily stressors and their impact in order to get a relief from them.

Stress - How it feels?

When someone is feeling that he is in stress, the muscles get tightened. He feels like his stomach gets knotted up. During this experience, the breathing pattern also gets changed. It becomes faster than usual. At that time, the person in stress can only be able to concentrate on the fact that he is in stress, nothing else really matters to him in line. Only the person who is going through stress can realize how consuming the effect can be. All the thoughts are just centralized to a particular point and that is the stress itself. So everyone should know how to relieve stress. The most effective way of relieving stress is to practice breathing exercise rigorously.

Be calm - experience tranquility

The first and foremost important step to reduce stress is to calm down initially. You may have heard that when you get angry, you are asked to count to ten. Although, it is quite common, but the underlying concept of this technique should be taken into consideration. When you get angry, quite evidently you are encountering stressors and experiencing stress. The technique is effective because it helps slowing down the breathing process. When you will know how to slow down your breathing process, you are one step ahead to know how to relieve stress. When you become calm, it means that you are slowing down your fast breathing. While slowing your breath down, you are gradually reducing stress.

Practice Deep Breathing

This is an effective mechanism that helps you in reducing stress. To practice deep breathing, you need to take long, deep breaths several times. You may keep a track of breaths, however, not really necessary. Using this deep breathing technique, you are actually slowing down your breathing pattern, it eventually reduces stress.

Take Your Friends' Help for Severe Stress

In some cases, for example bereavement, only implementing normal methodologies may not work properly. In that case, one may need to undergo through therapeutic help from professional therapists. Such cases can only be handled by therapists and psychologists who can guide on how to relieve stress. If you find any of your close friends or relatives is not responding appropriately to normal life events, you should not be late to take him or her for professional help. Only seeking professional help you can expect a positive result in terms of getting relief from severe stress. For normal daily stressors, you can apply common methodologies such as meditation, relaxation and others.

Stress is a common ingredient of our lives and lifestyles. It can affect us at any length, even within the span of our daily activities. We may experience stress in our work places, in schools or colleges, in our social lives, virtually anywhere at anytime we can experience stress. If we know how to cope with this stress, we can actually improve our life in terms of achieving happiness, prosperity and good relation to others. All we need to practice is a few useful strategies in order to learn how to relieve stress in our daily lives. We can not avoid stress totally.

All we can do is to understand the stressors and to analyze their individualized nature encountering our lives. Additionally, we should understand the effective methodologies that enable us to control our stressful experiences. When we can understand how to relieve from stress and we can become able to implement different strategies coping with stressor, certainly we are on our way to improve every aspect of our lives in general.

About the Author: Dr John Anne is an herbal specialist with years of experience and extensive research on herbs and alternative health. If you are looking for more information, read about How to Overcome Stress and Stress Management. is the World's Largest Alternative Health Portal. You can also Participate in Health Questions & Answers, Discussion Forums and Blogs. Also visit to know Why Stress Test is Important?

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