Waikiki is Timelessly Entertaining
      by Caitlin Moore    

Hawaii has a timeless charm. There's something about spectacular beaches and a friendly atmosphere that lends itself to feeling tucked away from technology and hidden from the hubbub occurring in other parts of the world. That's not to say that islands like Oahu are backwards (you can surely check your email at any number of places), but while you're here you just won't care what day or year it is.

Images of Waikiki are so commonly splashed around that this stretch of Oahu's South Shore probably looks familiar even to people who have never visited the Aloha state. The curving beach lined with hotels, dotted with people and bordered by majestic rolling mountains makes for an attractive sight to see - no wonder it has become the representative image of this entire cluster of vacation-suited isles. Hawaii has been paradise for quite a while and shows little sign of losing its luster any time soon.

Let's consider Waikiki. This famous spot isn't exactly low-profile or off the beaten path, but judging from its popularity and consistent offering of amusements, it's worth being near a few bikini and surf short clad bodies in order to enjoy the environment of an established getaway destination. There's history in the sand, in the waves and in the mirror image smiles of relaxation reflected in the face of every visitor.

Diamond Head is the name of the much photographed gathering of tourist facilities, including hotels, restaurants and shops of all kind. The green landscape behind all of this man-made sparkle is Kapiolani Park. This interesting duo of commerce and nature, noise and calm, provides an intriguing combination that can easily lead to a good time being had by all. Follow your every whim and let it be satisfied - how often does that happen, even on vacation?

Exploring nearby Honolulu, the state capital, will reveal the serious (but not too serious) side of the region and infuse this trip with a little history. Government buildings, tall towers, Iolani Palace, and a statue of King
Kamehameha give Downtown a bit of gravity, as does the Pearl Harbor Memorial to the west and the Bishop Museum. There are exhibits, tours and historic sites to visit throughout the area and visitors in a particular mindset usually leave with a better understanding of Hawaii's place in the grand scheme of things.

Souvenir lovers will be in heaven at Ala Moana Center, a large open air shopping market. Art galleries and museums as well as sports events and botanical gardens will round out the cultural aspect of the trip, but save plenty of time to fulfill your beach fix. Most visitors to Waikiki do so filled with visions of lounging on towels and frolicking in the surf, and there's no need to leave unsatisfied. Rent snorkel gear or a surfboard, hop onto a boat for some fishing, or kayak around the shoreline and burn a few calories. Options abound, so prepare to embrace the ocean in numerous ways.

The best way to enjoy the bounties of Waikiki is from the vantage point of a comfortable lodging situation. Imagine scanning the view from your bedroom window to see the vast sea, the tempting beach and the throngs of people doing as they please. Before joining in the fun, luxuriate in bed for a little while, fix yourself some breakfast, gather your thoughts and be sure to properly notice the sense of tranquility that pervades your Waikiki Vacation Rental. Instead of a hotel consider booking a condo or beach house that contains a few extra amenities and a lot more pizzazz; taking this route will be rewarding and will give this vacation a little extra oomph. Rental properties come in all shape and size and are plentifully scattered across the Waikiki area.

Go online to research your getaway today in order to ensure that you end up with the vacation you deserve. Escaping to a place like this will be lovely any time you choose to do it, but why not go sooner rather than later?

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