Windows That Can Weather the Storm     

Where is the calm before - and after - the storm? It’s unpredictable. It’s inconvenient. And yes it can show up at your doorstep unannounced...Oh the weather! So if it’s time to replace your old worn-out windows make sure to be a smart consumer and educate yourself before investing in replacement windows.

The replacement window marketplace can easily be confusing for the average homeowner, and many may be led down the wrong path. Unfortunately, this can cost you a lot of extra money that is unnecessary. Here are some suggestions to think about before deciding on the company you choose:

1) Did you know that California alone has over 100 window manufacturers? Make sure to find out how long the manufacturer has been in business, or if the business or corporation name has changed. The main reason for this is that if a corporation changes its corporate name, the warranty you are sold with your new windows is likely to be null & void. In other words, the company no longer exists since the corporation has been dissolved and so neither does your warranty. For instance, the company we use has been the exact same corporation for over 50 years!

2) Look for a contractor who is licensed, insured, bonded, experienced and has a locally established place of business. Shop Paradise first and keep the business in your community if possible.

3) Don’t be misled by salesmen who tell you that you need argon or krypton gas in between the glass of the windows. This may be true for drastic climates, such as Alaska or Death Valley, but it really is not necessary in our area. The extra cost is tremendous and you most likely won’t see that much difference in your heating or cooling bills. However, you might consider Low emmisivity (low-e) glass which will dramatically block out the sun’s rays during summer. Ask us for a demonstration-you will be amazed at the difference and the cost is minimal!

4) Windows can be ordered with several different types of frames such as aluminum, vinyl or wood. If you are looking for the most efficient and most cost effective windows, seriously consider vinyl frames. They conduct heat and cold exceptionally well, are durable, require little maintenance and you don’t need to paint them.

5) Check on the glass performance to make sure you get a good quality dual-paned glass that protects from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping the heat or cold inside your home. You can check the window’s ratings through the National Fenestration Rating While you are online check out the PG&E website for rebate offers and additional information on window selection.

6) Windows come in all shapes and sizes now. There are garden windows, half circles, circles, patio doors, french doors, single and double hung windows, horizontal slides, picture windows, bay windows, block glass and many others. You can get tinted glass, low-e glass, square grids in the window panes, or parameter grids. There are also retro-fit and new replacement windows. So when you are getting bids make sure you are getting what best fits your needs and comparing apples to apples.

7) Once your home is equipped with the proper quality windows by a reputable contractor - we are certain you will be able to enjoy your beautiful windows, relax, and not worry about the harsh weather conditions. Let’s face it life has its share of stormy weather so why worry about your windows, when you can leave that to us!

Authors:  Don McSpadden & Rita Rodriguez
From The Screen & Window Shop
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