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Today's Senior Magazine started in Paradise, CA with our Primary Edition (North State, CA) in November of 2004We relocated our offices to Eureka, CA in 2014. Since 2004 we have expanded into other areas throughout the United States, starting local area editions, and continue to expand into new communities throughout the country. We credit our success to understanding the field of marketing to senior citizens and giving them access to local and national products and services that align with the needs of those 50 and over. We publish the most read and talked about senior magazines in our areas of distribution!

We publish a magazine that is different from other senior citizen publications. We print on easy-to-read newsprint, making it a perfect magazine for seniors. Printing this way also allows us to save costs, consequently charging our advertisers much less. This makes it possible for seniors to get important, relevant information in their area. Our targeted senior marketing distribution delivers to senior centers, gaming locations, retirement and assisted living homes, restaurants, and other businesses with a large senior population or customers. Our unique process and our dedication to delivering magazines for senior citizens that truly speak to the needs and wants of their lives makes us one of the best senior magazine franchises around.

We are always staying ahead of the information we know our customers need. That's why Today's Senior Magazine continues to be the go-to magazine for seniors across the country. We will continue to expand, providing our readers with information that matters to them.  
"Today's Senior Magazine" contains topics related to lifestyle for people aged fifty or above, post-retirement activities or vacation programs, health & wellness, movie reviews, and others tailored for their needs, entertainment, and engagement. It extensively covers the health issues of senior citizens. It guides on appropriate food items and recipes, lighter exercises, side effects of common medications, mental health tips, etc., during different health conditions. This is a popular magazine for senior citizens that offers all the content in a highly readable, condensed format. We also publish exciting columns that transport seniors to earlier years. 

The magazines also endeavor to evoke the hobbies and passions of seniors with relevant information on gardening, photography, music, singing, select vocational courses, painting, cooking, leisure sports, and other such activities. The articles in magazines also provide details on the financial or medical allowances available to them and tips on how to do financial planning during this period. Further, the magazine advertises the products and services Seniors are interested in or use to make their life more convenient and relaxed.

"Today’s Senior Magazine" is one of the most popular magazines for senior citizens, published since 2004 in California. Our magazine was given the “Keeping America Strong Award” and was featured on the national television show “Moving America Forward’. We touch on the areas pertinent to seniors who have taken a break from their active lives through our magazine and help them live their retirement life to the fullest. We prepare them mentally and physically for every season and health problem with our timely and valuable tips. We inform them about the latest products, services, medications, healthcare plans, retirement benefits, and tax deductions and share the details about different service providers and product suppliers. In short, our magazine has become an excellent guide and companion for seniors in California, and throughout the nation. 
Rick Priolo, Founder & Publisher