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Utilize the Classified Ads section ot Today's Senior Magazine to advertise your next garage sale, help wanted opportunity, social event, work wanted, bring attention to your other ad in the magazine, sell something, personals (subject to approval), work at home opportunities, etc.

Place your easy to order ad below.  Be sure to purchase your ad, then let us know what you want in your ad.  Ads are limited to 5 lines, with 35 letters/spaces on each line (total of 175 letters/spaces per ad).  Ads must be placed by the 5th of the month for the next month's edition.
Classified Ads
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Please send us your ad content.  It is limited to 5 lines, about 30 words.  Additional lines are $9.00 per line, per month. We will make payment arrangements with you for the additional words.
Ad Content:
(5 lines at #10 Ariel font limit)



Phone #:


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Classified Ad For 12 Months $360.00
Classified Ad For 6 Months $210.00
Classifed Ad For 3 Months $120.00
Classified Ad For 1 Month $45.00
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We do not run ads with adult material or ads with a political or religious message