Collecting Coins Is Fun!    
by Francis Prind

One hobby that has sustained the test of time is that of coin collection. Coins have been minted as far back as the Roman Empire and maybe even before that. People have been collecting coins from time immemorial, sorting, organizing and auditing coins all over the world.

Anyone can start a coin collection - it's easy and fun to start collecting on your own. You can begin simply, with just the coins in your pocket. And from there, your hobby will grow into a lifelong hobby with a little diligence, perseverance, discipline and patience. Coin collecting is both educational and informative.

When you participate in the hobby of collecting coins you will find that it is not only the thrill of the hunt and the excitement you'll feel when you finally track down that rare 1937-D Buffalo Head Nickel that you have been searching for, for many years. There is also satisfaction to be found in the educational facets of the hobby.

The history of specific coins can be a rich and colorful one, as cultures often immortalize their heroes and historic moments in the form of minted currency. Surely, some of the most critical events and characters in the history of the United States of America have been permanently honored in the form of coins from various parts of that country's history.

There are many famous American coins such as the Susan B. Anthony dollar, which commemorates the work of the late, great heroine in the effort to ensure Women's Suffrage in the United States. There is also the John F. Kennedy half dollar, which honors America's "Most Beloved President".

Furthermore, the advent of the internet has been an amazing boon to collectors of coins the world over, and collectors are able to find up to the minute information pertaining to value, rarity, and conditions of coins of all shapes and sizes. Online participation in the hobby of coin collecting is enormous, with individuals logging on to look up information about their coins, meet up on message boards, and find chat rooms where enthusiasts can get together to trade coins. You can also find collecting tips as well as many more different outlets to buy, sell, trade, and learn much more about the time- honored tradition of coin collecting.

Coin collection is an age old hobby and has become a tradition over the years. Many people pass it from one generation to another, a custom as American as the apple pie. As a collection grows old so does its value and rarity. Moreover, it is a hobby which can be enjoyed by all, young and old. Many parents can participate with their children and bond better with them.

Before starting off this hobby a good idea would be research about it on the internet. You can do so simply by typing "coin collection" in any of the search engines. After taking inputs from there you can start on it either by yourself or with your other family members.

Once you have got a taste of this hobby guess where you can find help. The Bank! Where else? A lot of banks offer coin collecting books and guides. Be prepared to be amazed at how famous this hobby actually is still now.

About the Author: Francis Prind is the chief editor for FP Coins, the web's premier resource for information about coins, For questions or comments about this article visit: can get a unique content version of this article.
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