Common Slot Myths - #1

The myths about playing slot machines are endless.  Most are harmless and
won’t help or hurt your playing.  Here are a few of them:

MYTH:  There are certain days of the week or times of the day that are better
to play than any other.  REALITY:  Today’s slot machine is a computer in slot’s
clothing.  And the computer doesn’t know or care whether it is a weekday, week-
end, or the time of day or night.  So there is no “best” time to play slots.

MYTH:  A player sits at the slot you just left.  And with the very first spin, they
get a big hit.  They stole your jackpot!  REALITY:  The slot’s computer program
generates hundreds of winning and losing symbol combinations every second,
24 hours a day.  Even if you had stayed at that slot and made that next spin,
the odds of your hitting the winning symbol combination the exact same second
the lucky player did are astronomical!  So no one stole your jackpot.  It was just
a matter of luck and computer timing!

MYTH:  If the coins in the tray feel warm, it means that they’ve been in the slot
for a long time and it’s ready to pay off.  REALITY:  Warm coins simply mean that
they’ve been in the slot a long time and exposed to internal light bulbs and other
heat sources.  Conversely, if the coins feel cold, they were recently taken from a
cool, air conditioned coin-counting room and put into the slot.

MYTH:  If you get two jackpots in a row, stop playing.  The theory of probability
says that the slot’s now going to turn cold.  REALITY:  The theory of probability
is a mathematical prediction of what may be expected to happen, not what must
inevitably happen.  A slot that hit twice in a row  is just as likely to hit three times
in a row.  A slot doesn’t have any memory of what happened in the past any more
than dice do.

This article was excerpted from the book “Secrets of Modern Slot Playing.”  To order a copy,
send $9.95 to L&M Publications, PO Box 743, Paradise, CA 95967


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