Fading Winter Winds    
by Arleen M. Kaptur

If you look on any calendar you will see that the month of February is fading fast and soon the March winds will blow. The seasons change as well they should. All of Nature will begin to wake up and start a new life. If we, as human beings, think a bit like Nature, then we are in for a big surprise.

You don't have to be a "Nature" person to appreciate what change can do by letting your heart open up to the natural callings in your life is well worth the trip. With Spring approaching thoughts are of growing - growing as in gardens, growing as in acquiring new skills or crafts, and yes, growing as in making major life changes. If there is something you always wanted to learn - Spring is the perfect time. Even if you wanted to try your hand at growing the perfect tomato or the biggest pumpkin this side of Mars, do yourself a favor and go for it. There are friendships to be made, trips to be taken, and new interests to pursue, either by yourself or with family and friends. Spring is a great time to begin planning family get-togethers or social events - need a fence painted or some clean-up around your house - well, make them into fun events and serve some light refreshments and have a great time.

Ah, what if a snow shower or bad weather should rear its ugly head once again - enjoy it - for you know that winter will leave and Spring is right there ready, willing, and able to take over and move on - as you should.

Take a class, make some home decorations, and finish all those projects you fell in love with but then tossed aside. Start planning Christmas gifts and by starting now, you will eliminate a lot of stress when the Season of Holidays rolls around again.

In essence, what all the above words are trying to say is enjoy life - enjoy Spring and don't look back. Spring has a beauty all its own and the rebirth of new life extends to each and every one of us as well. So get those seeds started, buy some gardening gloves, and start marking that calendar with all the changes that you would like to make.

A breath of fresh air and warm breezes awaits whatever plans you make and remember the most important part of planning - have fun and be flexible - its okay to change your mind and add and subtract on your to-do list. ENJOY!

©Arleen M. Kaptur 2004 February
About the Author: Arleen Kaptur has written books and articles on Simple Living. Please visit her website: http://www.arleenssite.com  Thank You.
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