How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee In Your Own Home
by Carol Stack

For many people, the fresh brewed smell of coffee is their morning wake up call, and many a person savors a cup of coffee while looking over a morning paper, or gulps it down as they hurry off to work. For some, coffee has been more than a morning ritual, but has also become a time to relax and enjoy exotic flavors while buried in a good book.

No matter what your reason is for drinking coffee, no one enjoys a bad cup of coffee. Making a great cup of coffee includes much more than merely stirring an instant mix into water.

Getting the Best Coffee Beans: One of the most important things, when brewing an excellent cup of coffee, is getting high quality coffee beans. Usually, purchasing coffee beans at the local supermarket is not the best way to get quality beans since many of these beans are actually quite old.

Arabica coffee beans are some of the best and you can often find them for purchase at specialty coffee shops. Usually, these types of beans are fresher and will help you make a better cup of coffee. While the best beans may be a bit more expensive, they will ensure that you get the best cup of coffee possible.

Grinding Your Own Beans: Once you have decided what flavors you enjoy in your coffee, you can purchase the beans in that flavor to ensure getting fresh coffee every time. After you purchase the beans, you can grind them fresh every time you want a fresh cup of coffee.

If you are going to grind your own beans, be sure that you purchase a coffee grinder that works well and provides you with the texture you need for your coffee maker. One type of coffee grinder that is recognized as one of the best is the Burr Grinder. This type of grinder is actually the grinder of choice in many specialty coffeehouses.

Picking the Best Coffee Maker: Having the right coffee maker is another key to brewing the best cup of coffee possible. Most people have found that drip coffee makers and single serving coffee makers usually make the best cups of coffee.

If you are considering a coffee percolator, forget the idea! Usually, percolators produce some of the worst tasting coffee ever made. One benefit to the one cup coffee makers is that they always make a fresh cup of coffee for you and there is very little mess to clean up.

Clean, Clean, Clean: Keeping your coffee making equipment clean is another important key to getting a great cup of coffee every time.

If you allow your equipment to go without cleaning, coffee residues can build up and it can cause your coffee to taste very bitter, making for a distasteful cup of coffee. Be sure to clean all of your coffee equipment after each use to ensure the very best cup of coffee every time.

A great cup of coffee is an experience that you can repeat over and over again if you follow the right tips. Although, picking the beans, grinding the beans, cleaning your equipment and actually brewing the coffee can take a bit of time, it will be worth the work when you are able to sit back and relax with the perfect cup of coffee in your hand.

About the Author: Carol Stack has written numerous articles about coffee and coffee-related topics. She lives in the United States with her husband, three children, and various dogs and cats. Carol and her sister Barbara have a site devoted to coffee lovers who are searching for a better cup of coffee. Please visit it at:
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