Is Your Cat Lonely? Some "Tell-Tail" Findings     

(NAPSI)-Surprising to many, a new nationwide survey of veterinarians raises doubt concerning the solitary nature of cats and highlights the growing consensus within the veterinary community that many cats may be suffering the devastating effects of separation anxiety syndrome.

According to a new "Cat-Panion Survey" of 174 veterinarians conducted by Harris Interactive® and commissioned by Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Strength cat litter, animal experts now agree that cats are by nature social-not solitary-animals. When asked, more than 8 out of 10 vets agree that cats do not prefer to be left alone, and more than two-thirds of vets argue that cats would actually prefer to live in the company of other cats.

Veterinarians agreed that cats living in a household with a feline companion lead healthier, happier lives. While most cat owners pride themselves on the level to which they pamper their pet with the best of everything, single cat owners may be denying their feline friends what they need most-the companionship of one of their own species.
In light of the new survey data, Arm & Hammer® has launched the "Cat-Panion Crusade." This nationwide initiative is designed to promote the physical and psychological benefits of multiple cat ownership and to encourage multiple cat adoption.

Multiple cat ownership is the single most effective way to reduce the number of cats forfeited to shelters and to address the overpopulation issue. By bringing to light the issue of separation anxiety in single cat households, the hope is to raise awareness among cat owners of the benefits of raising cats in a multi-cat household.

Creating a harmonious household for you and your cats can be as simple as starting off with the right essentials. As the cats start to share turf within your home, it is recommended that you have at least one litter box per cat. Use a multi-cat litter, such as Arm & Hammer® Multi-Cat Strength that features activated baking soda crystals and an "odor blocking" technology to provide better odor control and performance for multi-cat households.

To find out more about the "Cat-Panion Crusade," visit If you are interested in adopting a cat, consult the humane society for information on adoption days.

Could your cat be craving companionship? A new survey reveals two cats are better than one.
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