Looking for Interesting Craft Ideas? Try Mosaics!      
by Mark Piscopo

Thousands of crafters out there are looking for something new to add to their repertoire; and thousands more are just looking for something new they can work on. Mosaic art is catching on and becoming more and more popular every day. Taking simple mosaic tiles and glass beads to deliver artistic creations is like building a puzzle where you get to choose what each piece looks like.

The beauty of mosaics is that they can be applied nearly anywhere, and to a variety of surfaces - for a variety of applications. For those of you who are interested in mosaic art, here are just a few applications you can try, just to get your feet wet in this great crafters pastime.

Birdbaths and fountains - Mosaics are a popular way to line the surfaces of birdbaths and fountains, adding an artistic touch to an outdoor accoutrement that many of us have in our yards. Mosaic tiles and glass beads readily adhere to thinset concrete, over the top of a concrete or ceramic fountain or birdbath base.

Try a tabletop - You might not want to try the dining room table for your first mosaic art project, but why not the bedside table? A small 24" by 24" top is the perfect place to trace out your design and then begin to put the tiles in - effectively creating a great new surface for your night table.

Pot pads - Instead of using the tired, torn and scraggly tea towel dangling from the stove to protect the table from a hot pot at dinner time, you can create a simple, small mosaic square pot pad for that simmering stew to sit on. Something that is 8"x8" will take you no time at all to create - and it provides you a little service and some artistic appeal at dinner time.

Flower pots, vases, and other garden items - Terracotta planters make a great surface for mosaics, and you can also create fantastic mosaic art on your vases and other planters throughout the garden. If you have a solid surface that can handle the weight of mosaic materials, then why not give it a try.

The above mosaic art suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Mosaic tiles and glass beads can adhere to nearly any backing with the right adhesive, and you can create any pattern that you want; any design is only limited by your creativity.

About the Author: Mark Piscopo knows about glass mosaic tiles, and a wide variety of other art and craft related items. You can check out his site www.wholesalersusainc.com for more information on the materials he can provide for your next project!
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