A Treasure Chest of Autumn    
by Arleen M. Kaptur

Every season has its own particular beauty. With Fall, there is no question that the colors, smells, and textures are true treasures of nature - to be enjoyed, and savored.

Brisk winds, a sunshine brilliance a bit different from summer and the abundance of produce that was nurtured during the hot weather of summer and now is ripe, and at its peak of goodness and taste is all a part of this wonderful time of year. When it comes to color, even the leaves get into the act and provide lanes and avenues that can take your breath away. It is Fall and it is fantastic.

When it comes to decorating your home outdoors during this season, squash of all types can give you a helping hand. They are varied in size, color, and shape. Fill a child's wagon with an assortment and you have instant decor. Haystacks give depth and height to outdoor arrangements of fall flowers and greenery that is now a rainbow of hues and tones.

Inside your home it is time to add a bit of warmth through earthy colors with texture. Summertime pastels can be saved for next year and accent rugs, curtains and throws give that special feeling to come home to. Old-time coffee pots or urns filled with fall flowers give countertops and tables an opportunity to be part of the changing seasons.

Reap the benefits of this decorating mecca time of year. It is the start of the "decorating" season, so relish the excitement and fun of color, brought to you with the compliments of Mother Nature. From porches, to decks, to patio areas, the outdoors can be a celebration of this time of harvest and plenty. Indoors, invite a bit of change with warm and appetite-enhancing smells, colors, and textures. From mealtime to relaxing time, Autumn can brighten up your life if you just give it a chance.

Fall is more than a transformation of weather and wind. It is a respite from school and work schedules and can bring families and friends together to share and enjoy what is right there outside your door. Baskets of sunflowers, and wheat stalks braided and tied with bright ribbons can make your entranceway inviting and special. Bright oranges, sunshine yellows, deep burgundy and reds, as well as greens with tinges of the brush work of nature are a painter's box of inspiration and creativity. Don't let this chance go by without showing off your talents without a lot of expense. It is out there and it is free. Life is good. ©Arleen M. Kaptur August, 2007

About the Author: Arleen M. Kaptur has written numerous articles for magazines and newspapers. Her latest book will be out in 2008.
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