Treasure Hunting & Metal Detectors
by David Sanders

Whether you are searching as a hobby or if you are hoping to find a significant treasure beneath the earth's surface, metal detectors may be the answer. Just as their name implies, metal detectors are used to detect different types of metals, which may include gold and silver. If you are a prospector, then a metal detector is a must-have tool for your search. If you collect coins or simply want to find some loose change that has been left behind, these handy tools may be able to help in your search. If you are searching for a hidden treasure, there's no better gadget than a metal detector to have in your grasp. Even the little ones can join in on the fun with specially designed toy metal detectors that are created to mimic the authentic versions.

Metal detectors that are used for treasure hunting and/or prospecting are handheld units that are fairly lightweight and are designed to notify the owner of a potential find with a buzzing or beeping sound. Depending on whether you are prospecting for fun or profit, you will need to choose a metal detector that best suits your needs and your budget. A metal detector with advanced features and has the ability to detect items far beneath the surface will be more expensive than a basic model that is only able to scan for a minimal distance.

With so many advancements being made in the way of technology, metal detectors have come far since their inception. Today, the more advanced handheld units offer a small screen for displaying an outline of the detected object. Even though it is beneath the ground's surface and not visible to the naked eye, some metal detectors have the capability of actually producing an image of the item(s) found. This is beneficial to the owner for many reasons, including the convenience of knowing whether or not the detected object is a real treasure or just a simple piece of metal.

As for finding handheld metal detectors, they are commonly available at most gold and silver prospector locations and catalogs. If you are not near a popular prospecting site, a quick internet search may reveal a host of companies that offer metal detectors in all sizes, styles and with a variety of features. The cost will vary depending on the model that you choose, but one significant treasure find could end up being worth the cost of the metal detector itself.

About the Author
The author is a regular contributor to Beyond Metal Detectors where more information about metal detectors is available.
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