Where To Go To Find Vintage Fishing Lures     
by Eliseo Lao

The number of individuals that are interested in collecting vintage fishing lures is steadily growing and expanding to all countries where fishing is a well-loved hobby and sport. Collecting, trading and selling vintage fishing lures is a popular hobby in the United States, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, South America and in the Scandinavian countries to name just a few areas of interest.

The biggest drawback to collecting vintage fishing lures and tackle is the great distance that most collectors have to travel. Typically there will be few antique or vintage fishing lures in any one area, so traditionally collectors had to go to the source of the lures or rely on photos sent through the mail, collecting meets or exhibitions to expand their collections.

The internet has made collecting vintage fishing lures from around the world as simple as getting online and doing some browsing and investigating. Google offers over half a million hits when antique or vintage fishing lures are the keywords in the search engine. There are collectors from Scotland, England, Mexico and all across North America that have collections on display or for sale or trade on the internet. With instant messages or emails it is easy to get additional information, request more digital photographs or even transfer images of the lure using web cams with digital quality pictures.

Since many collectors, especially those that have large sites and are constantly trading, they also offer appraisals and evaluations of vintage fishing lures and tackle. If you are new to collecting it may be worthwhile to use an appraisal service before pricing your lures if you are selling online.

Online auction sites are tempting to use to buy vintage fishing lures, but remember that many people selling the lures aren't always sure what they are actually selling. They may also neglect to mention if the lure has been restored or touched up for photographs, so be sure to check feedback scores and feedback comments before spending too much money on a lure from an unknown seller. Many collectors don't typically sell on online auction sites, rather they stay within the trading or collecting websites that offer vintage lures between established collectors.

Estate sales, garage sales and even sporting exhibitions and fairs are often a great place to track down antique and vintage fishing lures. Estate sales and garage sales may be the best opportunities to find very rare lures that may be in pristine condition, especially if they have been stored in  their original boxes for years.

About the Author: Eliseo is an avid fishing guy. For more fishing info visit http://www.charasfishinginfo.com
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