Voyage of Intent: Charting a New Course 
by Stephen M. Dayton

Well, here I am!  I have arrived alive at 55.  Young or old is a matter of how you look at it.  Personally, I would like to look the other way, but my earthly body seems to have a mind of its own.  I have done a fair job of taking care of myself throughout the years, but as I age chronologically, the system seems to get a bit more complex; minor ailments turn into majors, the valves are sticking now and then, and I seem to be floundering in a sea of broken connections. 

It is to this ultimate end, the reconnecting, that I find myself having to restore not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually with a strong emphasis on what I intend and how those intentions will best serve my well-being.  It is not that I have taken my life for granted.  All along the way, I have taken steadfast steps in a forward direction to achieve particular goals in my life.  I learned way back, when I was big enough to climb up to the dinner table, that if you're going to get anywhere in this world you have to come up with goals, a workable plan to achieve those goals and then proceed to work your plan.  This is the Power of Intention, the latest self-improvement point of interest.  It is a new twist of an old precept; we could all take time to address no matter what stage of the game we find ourselves.

I have arrived at this port in time achieving all that I set out to do.  I have sailed my rig with all the purpose of a young whippersnapper carrying out my duties as society has dictated being conscientious, honest and forthright.  It is time again to sit down and chart a new heading.  The waters are a little choppy, but I have seen worse, been through worse, and by the powers I intend to stay afloat.  A good skipper takes the time to check weather conditions, scrape the hull for a smoother ride, build up the stores, stock the galley, and give his crew time to get their bearings as well.  So, if you be thinking of a grand time on the high seas me thinks a lower berth be just a waitin'.  Be sure you have your duffle packed and ready to heave to by the first mornin' tide.  We be heading for the Straits of Hope and the Bay of Prosperity just beyond. 
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