Wealth In Just One Day
by Arleen M. Kaptur

Welcome to today - it is not tomorrow and it certainly is not yesterday. It is today - brand new, right here and now. Many people dwell on what they will do in the future - which has its time and place in our daily lives. However, if we mainly dwell on what tomorrow will bring, what we will lack, and how we will attempt to obtain it, then the very precious commodity of today is lost and falls through the trap door into the past.

Today is right before you - it is sparkling and it is squeaky clean. You can write something wonderful on it, or add a picture of joy and success, laughter and peace. It is up to you. Tomorrow may come or it may not - but if we concentrate on today, right here and now, we can empower ourselves to great achievements. Our steps will have a definite spring to them and our breathing will be energetic and cleansing. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, realize that the now in your life is before you. As the seconds and minutes slip by with your worries and concerns about tomorrow, the past is greedily accumulating the time that is now.

The past is a cause to be reckoned with. It can bring back memories that should be shelved and forgotten, but it can also make us remember something wonderful; however, it still cannot be reclaimed, redone, or bargained with. It is now gone, floating somewhere in the vast universe into a bank of where we have come from, and the steps we have taken to get to now.

Before another day of now goes by, hold on to it with both hands, and let it become a polished jewel of caring, sharing, and being. Every minute spent is subtracted from your bank vault of life. You have the coin of today right there in your hand, so make as much of it as you can. You don't have to busily work every second until you are exhausted and too tired to greet a neighbor or listen to a child tell you about dragons and castles. It is just as beneficial to listen and love, as it is to do and achieve.

Today is yours, the choices are all yours, and only you will have to account for today, sometime in the future. Let it be the true gift of the present and enjoy who you are, and what is around you, including everyone you come into contact with. Your today will be a richer comfort to your tomorrow, then a yesteday of not even remembering how your child got so tall, or the smile on the face of a loved one just because you are you.

Arleen M. Kaptur ©January, 2007
About the Author: Arleen has written numerous articles and stories about living life in full enjoyment. She is the owner of A & J Northwoods, a gourmet gift, food, and book shop.
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