A Welcoming Entrance To The Holidays    
by Arleen M. Kaptur

The entrance to your home sets the stage for family, guests, and neighbors to join in the festivities you have planned for the holiday season. To newcomers - it is the very first impression. To others - it is a reminder of the care and attention to detail that you have lavished on the holidays. Your entrance announces to the outside world your celebration of the season.

All doors have architectural designs that compliment the home they are attached to. The most impressive decorations follow these designs and highlight their finer aspects. Even a simple wooden or stock metal door can be transformed into a decorating delight with a handsome wreath of evergreen bows and bright ribbons. If your home also has side lights and transoms, these too should be accented and brought to everyone's attention. Urns, planters, shutters, etc. can emphasize the entrance to your home with holiday touches and even lighting.

Natural materials are absolutely ideal for this time of year and can definitely add elegance to any entryway. Wherever you live, whatever type of climate you have, use your creativity and the supplies that Mother Nature literally leaves at your disposal. Not only evergreen bows, but seedpods, driftwood, acorns, assorted greens, berries, and even seashells, fruit, and vegetables can be turned into options that have color, texture, and appeal. Your choice of decor does not have to be complicated - using your imagination and creativity and asking family members to join in the projects, can bring about beauty untold and a very welcoming door to your home during the holiday season. Red shiny, or velvet ribbons, natural pinecones or painted cones that echo or contrast with your door coloring, or adding a bit of snow to holly leaves, berries, and ribbon add a dimension of hospitality and friendliness.

Lighting in the form of tiny clear bright bulbs or colored lights not only add beauty but safety especially if ice or snow are your winter weather hazards. Walkway lanterns and porch lights can join in the fun with ribbons and greenery. From a garden gate, down a walkway, up some stairs and the finale - the door - can be used as a focal point and attraction that will let the world know that your home delights in the season and even strangers are wished the best of Holiday Cheer. ENJOY!

©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 November

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