RV Advice - Where And How To Store Your RV    
by Luise Volta

A drive around our part of the Pacific Northwest evidences RVs in driveways, back yards, on the streets, and in open lots adjacent to storage units. In most situations, they are uncovered.
The question is, how can such a costly piece of equipment, used only occasionally, be stored in a safer way and be better protected from the elements? Price tags are very often in the six-figure category, so it's a question well worth pondering.

Most driveways simply don't accommodate these new behemoths easily. Most garages, usually already in full use, can't house one and most yards don't have room for the erection of a structure adequate to cover an RV.

The advantage to keeping them at home is that they are easy to load and unload there and they even double for guest accommodations in a pinch. (This practice is counter indicated by most local ordinances, however.)

Paying to store an RV in a commercial lot that is gated and guarded disallows easy loading and use, but it solves the issue of their taking up valuable space at home. The monthly rental can add up but it's not much in relation to the cost of the toy in question.

To avoid all of this, RVs can be rented, of course. The cost is high but it's usually a huge saving in the overview. There's something very impersonal about it, however. You have to move in instead of keeping it equipped and you have to totally move out after each trip. Driving a strange rig may also not be as comfortable as getting used to your own. These inconveniences are what bring us to ownership and the question at hand.

An innovative solution to this dilemma is to join a camping club. The initial outlay is a one-time expense with annual dues and utilities all that follow. In most clubs you can erect a cover on your lot to appreciably extend the life of your RV.

The biggest bonus beyond protecting your investment may be off-season use. No time for a long trip? Well, how about a weekend in the woods? No room for house guests? How about putting them up in the family "motel"?

Most camping clubs offer many amenities to make your stationary, mini-vacations a rich experience. Hot tubs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, chapels for Sunday services, hiking trails...even a grocery store! The one I belong to, Port Susan Camping Club, has all of these and more.

Why not check this concept out on the web and in your local directory and go take a look? You may be surprised and find camping clubs a very doable solution to the RV storage issue.

About the Author
Luise Volta's life has included careers in nursing, teaching pre-school, interior design, Real Estate sales, insurance adjusting, and dairy herd testing. Visit for RV Advice.
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