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Experience has proven that successful advertising to people 50 and over consists of many important factors. The main factors are the amount of exposure you receive, the ad that you run, and the products or services you offer. Most important is the ad content used for your ad. If your ad doesn't attract the attention of the readers, your chances at success are limited.

The ad content to utilize in ads is based on what experience has demonstrated to be most effective. Less is better, make it eye-catching, larger fonts, the message, and many other factors will be disclosed to you.  We recommend using all, or at least most, of the suggested content.

You will receive articles written by other advertising experts, to include:
"Frequency is the key to advertising success"
"How readers scan an ad"
"Short copy: Understanding its purpose can increase sales"
"A call to action: Motivating customers to contact you"
"Costly advertising mistakes"